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Living life to the (Full)est

I believe you can learn something from every single person you meet. The world lost an amazing man this week. He was the type of person who loved life. He wouldn't let anything keep him down. I learned a lot from him. In order to live life to the fullest, he taught me a few tips.

LISTEN: Every time I saw Mr. Fuller, he would ask me how I was and he always knew when I was lying. He would say "I can tell by your eyes, now tell me how you are really feeling." Those words meant the world to me. People can ask you how you are a million times a day, but not truly care about the answer you give them. Be that person that truly cares. Be that person that doesn't say "how are you" in passing. Listen to their answer. Observe their body language. Be there for them. You never know if they are on their last straw in life and just need someone to listen. You could literally save a life.

LIFT PEOPLE UP: Mr. Fuller didn't leave without calling me a "fighter." Sometimes those words were the only thing that got me through the day. "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up." Joshua 1:9. You will never know how a few words can change a person's life.

LOVE: Mr. Fuller loved everyone. He adopted so many of us as his kids and grandkids. He would do anything for us. He greeted the world with open arms. Love is such a powerful tool. Love cures broken hearts, love heals bad days. Love wins. always. Greet people with open arms. Love like Jesus. Share bread like Jesus. Love without limits. Love those who are hard to love because that's what Jesus does.

LAUGH: Oh man, did Mr. Fuller laugh. He laughed at all of my stupid jokes. He had the best sense of humor. His laugh spread to everyone around. He walked into the room and it was like there was no way you could be sad. He just had that presence that everyone wanted to be around.

LIVE: Take the opportunity, take the adventure, audition for that play, look at the mountains, breathe the fresh air, travel the world. The world is ours. Take control and do what makes you happy.

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